The History of Leoma Baptist
Leoma Baptist Church was established in 1913 as a mission of Cedar Hill Baptist Church in Lawrence County. W. H. Rhody, pastor of the Cedar Hill church, would come to Leoma once each month to hold services at the armory or the fair grounds. Cedar Hill’s efforts culminated in a historic train trip by three ladies from Leoma. Bessie Coleman James, Mae Burch Springer, and Lora Bottoms boarded the morning train to Lawrenceburg to solicit funds to help build a Baptist church in Leoma.
The exact date of of the organization of Leoma Baptist Church is not known. The minutes of the fledgling church’s first business meeting, held on February 9, 1913, state the congregation’s intention of beginning construction on a church building. On September 17, 1913, B.L. Cook was elected the church’s first pastor. By the grace of God, Leoma Baptist Church was on it’s way.

Here at Leoma Baptist our mission is making disciples for God’s glory We do this by connecting with God and others, serving with purpose, and growing in Christ.

It is a privilege of every Christian and every church to endeavor to reach the world with the message of Christ. Here at LBC we try to balance Jesus’s command found in Acts 1:8, to be a witness in our own community, our state, our nation, and our world.

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