Kevin Traglia

Kevin served as a volunteer in our worship ministry for three years and is now on staff part-time as our worship leader. Kevin is married to Katie and they have three kids, Darby, Jackson and Dylan.

What do you do to relax and find balance in your life?
Find a quiet room and play guitar

In your recent reading, what insights or quotes have you found most meaningful?
The purpose driven life ” it’s not about you”

What is your favorite thing about Leoma Baptist Church?
It’s a come as you are church

What’s playing on your ipod/cd player?
Spontaneous worship

If given the choice, the one thing you would never taste again would be …

What is the most memorable quote you have heard or read recently?
Christ is enough

What makes you laugh?
My family

Are you a morning or night person?
Night owl

What is your favorite movie?

What was your favorite book you read as a child?
Green eggs and ham

Desk: Messy or organized?