Small Groups

We want everyone to be a part of an active small group. We believe small groups are the key to connecting in a biblical way with other members for encouragement, accountability, and fellowship.

A small group provides healthy fellowship in a community marked by Christian love and oneness. Our small group leaders are all volunteers—people who love to walk this Christian journey with others and to encourage them to become better disciples of Christ. Small groups can help you “grow up” as a Christian, including helping you discover and learn to use your spiritual gifts.

Our adult small groups are organized according to age, marital status, and/or life situations. They currently meet each Sunday at 9:30 a.m. There are groups for men, women, young adults, young couples, older couples, empty nesters, senior adults, and even groups with a mixture of people of all ages. There is a place and room for everyone!

We also have age-appropriate small groups for preschoolers, children, and teens.  Don’t “do church” alone!  Join a small group today!  For a complete list of all current small groups, please check out our Welcome Center on Sunday Mornings and they will guide you to a small group that is right for your needs!

Preschool Department~ located downstairs below the Sanctuary
Bed Babies—Room 01 Barry & Angela Gladney
Toddlers—Room 02 Tela Gladney
2 Year Olds—Room 03 Shannon Moore & Jessica Eledge
3 Year Olds—Room 04 Martha Hooper & Tonya Holt
4 Year Olds—Room 05
Kindergarten—Room 06 Cody & Chelsie Feazell

Children’s Department ~ located in Old Sanctuary
1st & 2nd Grade—Room 108 Bobbie Huntley & Catherine James
3rd & 4th Grade–Room 107 Melissa Prince & Linda Tidwell
5th & 6th Grade Girls—Room 105 Beverly Peters
5th & 6th Grade Boys—Room 104 Frank Brooks

Youth Department ~ located at the Village
Teacher, Chad Weathers

College & Singles ~ Room 08 Old Fellowship Hall
Teacher Jake Pendergraph

Boman Small Group ~ Ages 25-35, Roon 207, Teacher Dustin Boman
Shelton Small Group ~ Ages 30’s—40’s, room 203 of MPB, Teacher Richard Shelton
Moore Small Group ~ All ages, room 208 of MPB, Teacher Travis Moore
Dean Small Group ~ Ages 60’s & up, room 201 of MPB, Teacher Jeff Dean
Franklin Small Group ~ All ages, room 202 of MPB, Teacher Chad Franklin
Webb Small Group ~ Couples 60’s & up, room 103 across from the Library, Teacher Steve Webb
Holt Small Group ~ Men’s class, room 205, Teacher Jonathan Holt
Copeland Small Group ~ Ladies class, room 204 of MPB, Teacher Susan Copeland
Meador Small Group ~ Adults, all ages, room 206 of MPB, Teacher Steve Meador