Leoma Baptist Church, a multi-generational church in Lawrence County, TN is searching for a full-time Worship Pastor that would be responsible for planning, conducting, and evaluating meaningful worship services in conjunction with the Senior Pastor, staff, band, choir, and audio-visual team.  See details below for complete job description, qualifications and church profile.  Please send cover letter, resume, videos, etc. to personnel@leomabaptist.org. Application deadline is September 20, 2017.

Who We Are:
Leoma Baptist Church is a multi-generational church in rural Lawrence County, TN. Leoma is located about 45 minutes north of Florence, AL and about one hour south of Columbia, TN.  Our mission is to make disciples for God’s glory.  Our vision is to connect people with God and others, to lead them to serve with purpose, and to inspire them to grow in Christ. We would describe our ministry as Biblically based, culturally relevant, and people oriented.  Our average attendance is 300.

Musically, our church has been blessed with a variety of multi-talented people of all ages including musicians and singers. We have a full band, which includes, keyboards, acoustic guitars, drums, bass, and electric guitars. We also have a choir, but do not use them every Sunday. We stay away from terms like traditional and contemporary when describing our music style, understanding that music is just one part of the overall worship experience. We strive to have wholehearted and impactful worship using new, current worship music, yet also incorporating many of the older classics.

Principle Function:
The Worship Pastor is responsible for planning, conducting, and evaluating meaningful worship services in conjunction with the Senior Pastor, staff, choir, band and audio-visual team. The Worship Pastor will assist the Senior Pastor in leading the church to worship as a lifestyle, specifically through the means of music.

Specific List of Responsibilities:

  • Spend quality time with the Senior Pastor to learn his heart, passion and desired style of worship.
  • Direct the planning, coordination, operation, and evaluation of each worship service. This will consist of weekly meetings with the Senior Pastor to determine sermon topics and desired emphases.
  • Plan and coordinate, in conjunction with Senior Pastor and audio-visual team, song selections, soloists, musical specials or guests, instrumental groups, choir music and other matters as considered appropriate.
  • Assist in preparing the order of service in conjunction with the Senior Pastor and meet with all individuals who will be involved in the service.
  • Conduct rehearsals at appropriate times for choir and band to ensure excellence in the overall worship ministry.
  • Oversee the preparation of all projected lyrics, videos, etc.
  • Work closely with the audio-visual team regarding all audio and visual needs.
  • Ensure proper arrangement and setup of the worship center and platform for each service.
  • Oversee the planning and direction of any special worship service events planned by the Senior Pastor.
  • Serve in church administrative capacities as needed and as assigned by the Senior Pastor.

Other General Responsibilities:

  • Cooperate with the Senior Pastor and other staff members in promoting the entire ministry plan of Leoma Baptist Church.
  • Utilize the services of the secretarial and facilities staff, which are consistent with their position descriptions.
  • Adhere to church approved guidelines as set forth in Leoma Baptist Church’s Bylaws and Policies and Procedures Manuals.
  • Stay up-to-date on current music methods, materials, promotional ideas, and administrative techniques.
  • Will serve on church ministry/leadership teams as assigned.

Basic Personal Responsibilities:

  • Maintain a vital and growing personal walk with the Lord through committed Bible study, prayer and meditation.
  • Maintain proper priorities in your home and be a spiritual leader to your spouse and children, if married.
  • Develop personal evangelism opportunities within and outside the church.
  • Be an example to the church by practicing biblical stewardship of your finances in tithing and giving.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor.


Although formal education is not a predetermining factor for the selection of the new Worship Pastor, a Bachelor’s Degree in Ministry, Creative Arts, Music, or a related field is preferred.
A successful candidate should have:

  • a proven track record of working and leading worship in a ministry setting that is multi-generational.
  • experience as an effective leader of worship bands and teams, and demonstrate the ability to handle the responsibility of providing vision and mobilizing, recruiting and utilizing both volunteers and leaders.
  • ability to play the keyboard or guitar, read music, audition and develop other musicians.
  • experience working alongside production, technical and media ministry leaders and volunteers.
  • strong people skills and organizational/administrative skills.